February 22, 2013

as Blake Lively

 I love this girl. She can be a neighbor in shorts and a top or a mini dress-shirt, and the next day she can be in luxurious dress with a neckline and high heels to appear at a charity reception . Every day she is so different and at times absurd (do you remember down jacket with a hat, turned still quite nice). It can forgive anything for a smile, and Serena, which want to be like the girls in many countries of the world.
  And while  a fashion site WWW gives us Blake Lively as guest editor here is so dull. I offer you discuss street style Goldilocks. The photograph was taken in early February in New York.
An oversized cream sweater and simple khaki trench with a mini fur collar up top, brown leggings and two-tone brown boots.

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  1. Обожаю Блей Лайвли и её стиль!!))))

  2. I love her style !!! And I kinda miss Gossip Girl because of the wardrobe styliing ( and Chuck Bass) lol



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